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The Nightwalker

Bobby Ives never meant to hurt his lover. It was a bizarre accident, a morbid impulse, with his hands apparently pushing her beneath the wheels of a city bus. Then it happened again, a playful race with a jogger in Hyde Park. And that was just the beginning.

"The Nightwalker is perhaps the finest werewolf novel of the last twenty years...scary, grim, fast-paced, very good."  -- Stephen King

"The Nightwalker has brutal action and a welcome sense of ambiguity."  -- Huffington Post


Ten year old Ned Covington is afraid.  There are monsters in his room.  His friends think he is imagining them.  But he knows they are real.  The grownups say they will go away in the daylight.  But it's daytime now.  And they're coming after him...

Phantom is the story of what happens when the lights come on...and the horror doesn't go away.


Nominated for a World Fantasy Award


"Chilling!"  -- Library Journal

"A touching, scary book." -- Horror Literature: A Reader's Guide


"A compelling humanist ghost story." Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural

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Jeff has always loved Georgianne, ever since they were kids - with a love so strong, so obsessive, it sometimes drives him to do crazy things.  Scary things.  Like stalking Georgianne and everyone she loves, including her caring husband and her innocent teenage daughter.  Jeff doesn't think there's room in Georgianne's life for anyone but him, and if he has to, he's ready to kill all the others...until he's the only one left.

"Erotic and hypnotic.  Rapture is great!"

-- Washington Post

"Nicely wrought psychological suspense.  Superb!"

-- Chicago Sun-Times

"Completely frightening!"  -- Richmond Times Dispatch

Fog Heart

Two couples, both skeptical and desperate, are drawn together by a medium named Oona, a fragile, beautiful young woman who knows things that no other living person should know. Is her gift real, or is it the sign of a consuming madness?

"A sense not just of evil but of spiritual terror...suspenseful, shocking, harrowing, but also very moving and written in prose of great elegance and power."  -- Ramsey Campbell

"It is the emotional hurt that Thomas Tessier inflicts on his characters that is the most horrifying aspect."  -- Fangoria

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Fog Heart
Finishing Touches

Tom Sutherland, a young doctor from the Midwest, decides to spend time in London before starting this practice. There he meets Dr. Roger Nordhagen, a cosmetic surgeon, and his assistant, Lina, who seduce Sutherland into their fantasy world of eroticism, cruelty, and power.

"Splendidly evocative - even mesmerizing." -- Booklist

"A novel of erotic cruelty.  Seductive and compulsively readable." -- Publishers Weekly

Finishing Touches
Father Panic's Opera Macabre

Neil O'Netty, a successful young historical novelist, is enjoying a leisurely driving tour through the rugged countryside and ancient hill towns of eastern Italy, when he is forced to seek assistance at a remote farmhouse. There he meets the beautiful Marisa, and her elderly relatives. What starts out as a brief idyllic interlude in his journey soon blossoms into a fierce, all-consuming affair with Marisa.

So intense is his passion for her, so complete the spell she casts over him, that Neil scarcely has the time or interest to consider the disturbing and mysterious signs around him -- the vast decrepit house itself, with its hidden rooms and passageways, the bizarre sounds that echo through it, the gunshot in the night -- that form the physical and spiritual maze in which he finds himself. Marisa's defiant and deathless eroticism is the thread that leads Neil into the nightmarish center of the labyrinth and propels the story to its shocking and unforgettable conclusion.

"In a Thomas Tessier story, tension rises like a frightful fever and then peaks at nightmare."  -- Publishers Weekly

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Father Panic
Ghost Music and Other Tales
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Startling, eerie, unnerving — Thomas Tessier's fiction takes the reader into shadowy corners of experience where the everyday world breaks down and people are suddenly caught in disturbed states of mind, disturbed states of reality. These stories and novellas are rooted in the familiar, but permeated with an escalating sense of menace and terror.


Ghost Music collects Tessier's short fiction for the first time, and also includes two new, previously unpublished tales.


Review:  Publishers Weekly

"Thomas Tessier's stories are beguiling, evocative, mesmerizing."  -- American Library Association Booklist

Ghost Music

Monsters are real. They lurk in the darkest places of this world, waiting to devour you, ready to tear into you. But the scariest monsters are the ones within you, driving you mad, feasting on you from the inside. They will eat you until there is nothing left, until the monster is all that remains. Until there is only sadness and insanity. And cruelty.


Fifteen tales from the mind of horror master Thomas Tessier.

"Thomas Tessier"s stories are chilling and terrifying."  -- Library Journal

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The Fates

To some, the lights were beautiful ... to others, they were a warning.

When Martin Lasker first sees the mutilated cow he wonders what on earth could have caused it. But as more and more disasters occur and strange lights start to appear in the quiet town of Millville, Lasker is drawn into the mystery.  Now, he is convinced something larger must be happening.

For Lasker, the most important questions are: where these lights could come from, and what could they mean?  But the answers to these questions may be more painful than anyone expected...

"Thomas Tessier writes real horror; the way it should be done."  -- Dread Central


The house was beautiful.  Ringed by the mountains and the salt deserts of Utah, it was the perfect setting for their love.  Only the gray buildings of the nearby state prison scarred the landscape.

Jackie, newly married, radiantly in love, found it a dream come true.  For Brooks, the successful, ambitious lawyer, with dreams of political power, she was the perfect wife.

Who was 'The Blade', the brutal killer?  Who was the stranger who shattered their love?  Why did he vanish without a trace?

Review: Cemetery Dance

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Wicked Things

The small town of Winship seems so perfect … on the surface. But as investigator Jack Carlson is finding out, appearances can be deceiving. He's looking into a rash of mysterious deaths in the town, but the more he pokes behind the picture-postcard facade, the more frightened her becomes. How could someone disappear in an open meadow, as if swallowed by the earth? Why does the ground seem to glow in spots? Why is no one able to stop the gangs of young thugs who roam the streets at will? Local residents are afraid to answer his questions—with good cause.


They know that Winship's tranquil exterior hides some truly … WICKED THINGS.

Thomas Tessier is a vastly talented writer and his stories are shocking...horrifying."  -- Rocky Mountain News

Wicked Things
Secret Strangers

Money may be the root of all evil - but in one small town there is greater malice abroad...

While babysitting for her neighbours, 17-year-old Heidi stumbles across illicit photographs.

She and her boyfriend decide to exploit these for their own gain, unaware of the magnitude of horror and tragedy that will result. And as they become greedier, suspicion and fear begin to corrode the heart of Clearville... with violence and retribution soon to follow.

Before long, Heidi and Gary are caught in a situation hurtling crazily out of control. The blackmailers are now the hunted, and even old friends are no longer quite what they seem.

"Clever, fast paced... an effectively chilling movie-in-the-mind"  -- New York Times

"Thomas Tessier manages to create both horror and eroticism with the same expert touch."  -- Dread Central

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Secret Strangers
World of Hurt

World of Hurt gathers twenty-eight short stories and novellas by the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of horror and suspense, Thomas Tessier. By turns disturbing, mysterious, harrowing and horrifying, these tales illuminate the darkness swirling on the edge of what is real and what is not -- in both the world around us and in the lives of people caught up in it.


Stories included in this collection:

In the Desert of Deserts

The Vacant Lot

Evelyn Grace

The Banshee


A Grub Street Tale

Ghost Music

La Mourante

The Infestation at Ralls


The Woman in the Club Car

Curing Hitler

The Green Menace

In Praise of Folly

The Ventriloquist

Torching the Escalade



Club Saudade

For No One


If You See Me, Say Hello

In the Sand Hills


I Remember Me

The Dreams of Dr. Ladybank

Scramburg, USA

Father Panic’s Opera Macabre

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Wold of Hurt
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